Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photographs of a rustic and bohemian relaxed wedding

The rustic, bohemian and elegant wedding of Emma and Nathan was so fun, relaxed laid back and was a perfect fit for my style of wedding photography: natural wedding photography.


A bride and groom have a massive amount of confetti thrown at them by their wedding guests

All of the guests had a wonderful afternoon together in the sun – they played lawn games with each other and had a laugh, before they headed into the most beautifully styled room for the wedding reception.

The wedding reception room was stunning, with amazing attention to detail. I would describe it as incorporating elements of a rustic, elegant and bohemian wedding styling. These two went to incredible effort to decorate their wedding reception room with such style and it really paid off!

Emma’s dress was so elegant and the flowers were simply gorgeous, with unique feather elements.

This is, in my opinion, the best way to spend your wedding – simply enjoying the day and spending it with your guests. I was able to take natural images of exactly what happened on the day, without intervening for most of it. We did however get some quick portraits around sunset as we had some glorious light to work with.

This wedding is proof that you don’t need to spend hours doing wedding portraits; we actually got many photos of the two of them together even though we didn’t spend much time at all doing bride and groom portraits. It’s the key approach to natural wedding photography – mostly documentary style photos with only a handful of portraits. It’s nice to have a small breather away from your guests (just for a bit of alone time), but it’s also nice to be with your guests for the majority of the day!

Here is a selection of images from their day. They wanted shorter, bespoke coverage, so I was with them from the start of the ceremony until just after the speeches ended. This gave them natural photos of the most important parts of their day!

To see more wedding images, please visit this link.

A brick pub with blue skies above itWedding guests huggingA church where weddings are heldWedding guests arrive at a church prior to a wedding ceremonyWedding guests greet each other at a church prior to a wedding ceremonyWedding guests take a selfie inside of the church before the wedding ceremony commencesA bridesmaid holds two wedding bouquets that contain purple flowers, pheasant feathers and thistlesA bride arrives at the church wearing a Justin Alexander long sleeved wedding dress prior to her wedding ceremonyA bride is greeted by her bridesmaids prior to her wedding ceremonyA bride is walked up the aisle in a church during her wedding ceremonyThe bride and groom stand at the altar during their wedding ceremony in a churchA wedding guest does a reading at the front of the church during a wedding ceremonyA bride and groom say their vows to one another during their church wedding ceremonyA bride and groom hold hands as they say their wedding vows to one anotherA bride and groom smile as they say their vows to one another during their wedding ceremonyA bride and groom exchange rings during their wedding ceremonyGuests clap and laugh during a church wedding ceremonyA bride and groom stand in a patch of light at the front of a church and pray during their wedding ceremonyA happy bride and groom walk back up the church aisle together after they just got marriedA bride laughs and looks at her guests as she walks back up the church aisle with her new groomA bride pulls a silly face to her groomA bride and groom have confetti thrown on themRustic wedding reception venuePurple flowers adorn wooden tables in a rustic wedding reception roomA wide angle shot of a white wedding reception room filled with wooden tables and many flowersRustic table setting of wedding receptionA wooden table adorned with plates and wedding favoursA rustic wedding reception table settingWhite and purple wedding flowers sitting atop a wedding reception tablePurple wedding reception flowersA white plate with a knife and fork sitting upon itBohemian red and white couches sit in the corner of a wedding reception roomA bohemian red couch with a tree behind it and peacock feathersAlternative wedding styling details: flowers and a horse's skull sitting on top of a wooden tableA couple embrace in a patch of light at a weddingWedding guests enjoying drinks in the sun at a weddingA woman in a red dress has alcohol poured into her glass at a weddingA happy bride laughs with her guestsA wedding guest makes a silly faceWedding guests play lawn gamesA bride wearing a Justin Alexander wedding dress smiles at her bridesmaids who are standing next to her holding their flowersBride and bridesmaids' bouquets containing purple and white flowers, pheasant feathers and thistlesGroomsmen stand in front of a pale brick building and look straight at the cameraGroomsmen stand under a window and pose for the cameraA wedding guest swings on a swing and hits a patch of sunlightA wedding guest waves her arms in the air as she tells a jokeThe bride and her guests all wear sunglasses and pose for the cameraA wedding guest wearing sunglasses and a floral dress laughs with her friendsA man in a grey suit hits a ball as he plays lawn gamesA wedding guest in a black and white striped dress laughs with her mouth wide openWedding guests wearing sunglasses laugh togetherGuests have fun at a wedding reception by taking selfies at their dinner tableTwo guests take a selfie at a wedding at their dinner tableGuests laugh with each other at a wedding reception around the dinner tableThree wedding guests laugh together at the dinner table at a wedding receptionThe bride and groom enter the wedding reception room togetherThe bride and groom laugh with each other as they enter the wedding reception roomA patch of light hits a wedding guest, illuminating only her face against a backdrop of fairy lightsA bride and groom walk together into the sunsetA closeup of the bride and groom walking together into the sunA bride and groom embrace in the sunset in a natural bridal portraitA bride and groom look happily at one another as they walk in front of the sunsetA closeup natural photograph of a bride and groom holding handsA bride and groom hold one another in the hazy golden hour sunlightA bride and groom laugh together in the hazy evening sunlightA bride and groom walk hand in hand in a natural photographA bride and groom stand in front of a mansion and look at each other on their wedding dayAn image showing the beading detail at the back of the bride's Justin Alexander dressGrandma holds the face of her grandson and gives him some advice at a wedding receptionA grandmother shares a joke with her grandson and a wedding guestThe father of the bride laughs during his wedding speechThe bride wipes a tear from her eye during her father's speech at her weddingA wedding guest holds her head in her hand during the wedding speechesWedding guests bring their glasses together in a toast during the wedding speechesThe best man holds his hands up as he delivers his wedding speechThe groom holds his hands out and laughs as he gives his wedding speechThe bride and her bridesmaid laugh at the groom's speechA woman with blonde hair smiles as the groom delivers his wedding speechThe bride laughs at the groom's wedding speech during their wedding receptionThe best man laughs as he delivers his wedding speechWedding guests raise their glasses in the air during a wedding speech

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