I cannot recommend having an engagement shoot enough!

It is an awesome chance to get to know me and how I work. You will also learn how to feel more relaxed in front of the camera (it’s not that scary – promise!). I always find that brides and grooms who have had engagement and pre-wedding photoshoots end up with better wedding photos as they just know how to relax more easily.

I love travelling for engagement shoots; it is so much fun discovering new places and one of my most favourite things to do in the whole world is photograph people in love in epic locations! If you want to go abroad for your engagement shoot, or to the middle of Snowdonia (even if you live in Brighton), or to the Giant’s Causeway – let’s go! I will meet you there. My pricing options include travel. Let’s make it a mini holiday!

Here are some examples of engagement and couples’ shoots that have taken place all over the world…