About Me

Hi! I'm Beth!

I am a Christchurch wedding photographer, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, however I travel internationally and photograph weddings worldwide.

Here are some things about me:

Photography is my life. It's my true passion and I love that I can do it all day, every day.

I used to be a veterinarian. True story. I'm a creative at heart though, so I now photograph weddings instead!

I met my husband at veterinary school. When we met, I was dressed as Darth Vader and he was dressed as Luke Skywalker. 

I first got into the wedding industry as a wedding harpist at the age of 11. I basically picked the most random instrument I could think of, and started playing that! 

I am a huge animal lover. One day I'm going to own all of the cats (and like 50 dogs)! 

I have a beautiful cat called Wobbles, who has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. She likes to help me run my photography business by meowing loudly when I'm trying to edit photos and attacking my camera bag. 

I'm laid back, relaxed, don't mind people laughing at my expense (whatever it takes to get the photo) and often make people laugh without meaning to.

Don't be surprised if I join you on the dance floor at the end of the night. I love having a boogie. I cannot, however, guarantee that my dance moves are very good.

I am a total Potterhead. I'm a Hufflepuff. I always wanted to be a Ravenclaw but I've now come to terms with my complete and utter Hufflepuff-ness. 

I feel very lucky to be living this life. I have an amazing husband, wonderful pets, and I get to wake up and do what I love every single day.

Here are a few of my favourite things: sushi, beaches, salt water, golden light, dolphins, Adele, the colour green, chocolate, Queen, kumara, ice cream, sleeping, really bad rom com movies, crazy socks (preferably with cats on them), sparkly things, American Horror Story, animals, unicorns, Tunnock's tea cakes, travel.

If you actually read all of that and would like to know how I approach weddings from a photography perspective - please head on over to the my approach page!