My Approach

What are you looking for in a photographer?

You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so it definitely helps if it is someone you like being around!

My style is mostly documentary wedding photography, with a handful of gently guided, relaxed and natural portraits. This basically means that I focus a lot on candid photos (especially photos of people having fun!) and on capturing your wedding as it happens - real moments, real emotion.

I am a documentary wedding photographer at various points of a wedding day - during getting ready/bridal and groom preparations, during the ceremony, during the speeches, the dancing, the guest candid photographs, for the majority of the reception. This ensures that your photos are genuine, honest and real.

However, sometimes, at certain points of the day (e.g. bridal preparations), it is nice to get a handful of gently guided photographs (nothing overly posed though, it's all natural and relaxed). An example of this could be a bridal portrait, or some photographers of the groomsmen together prior to the ceremony. If there is a beautiful landscape around, or a mountain to climb, or an amazing field shrouded with perfect, golden light - it would be amazing to do epic natural and romantic portraits there! I love creating imagery that is unique and beautiful.

I also strive to capture all of the details that you have put so much time into!

My approach gives you the best of both worlds. You get genuine, raw photos of real emotions and moments, but you also get a handful of portraits, where I have gently guided you into the most flattering light. In addition to this, all of your important details get captured.

I also do family formal photographs if this is required.

Do I sound like the photographer for you?

I am relaxed in my approach and I try to merge in with the guests as much as I can. I know it's important for you to have someone whom you can relax around! My aim is to get your personality to shine through so that you can get photographs that reflect you as individuals.

Are you having a relaxed wedding and looking for a photographer who can capture those happy, natural moments with a handful of natural portraits? Do you want someone who will laugh with you and be there to capture that sneaky tear that escapes down your cheek, or Uncle Peter throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor, or your flower girls getting melted chocolate all over their faces (and the carpet) when they discover the chocolate fountain? Then we might be a good fit!

I will also mention, however, that your wedding is not all about the photographs. Your wedding is about love, about spending time with your loved ones, about having a good time. I believe as a photographer that the photographs should never take priority over the experience of your wedding. I want you to have an amazing day!

But we don't really like having our photo taken

It's okay! I hear this literally all of the time. Even I don't like having my photo taken - I have the most impressive double chin. It is my job to help you relax and help you to feel okay in front of the camera. It can feel daunting before you experience it, but I will try to make the process relaxing for you!