This list is very long because I am very transparent and I like you to know everything that you are getting prior to booking – to make sure that we are a good fit!

If you haven't checked out any of my recent weddings, feel free to have a look at the galleries below!

Wedding Coverage and Style

What is your style?

I go in depth about this on the my approach page - so it would be great to check that out for more information.

My shooting/photographic style is a mixture of documentary wedding photography (meaning I am unobtrusive and blend in with the guests like a total ninja, capturing real, authentic moments) and creative wedding photography (meaning I use lighting techniques and other "secret" (tehe) techniques to bring some creativity and uniqueness to your images). I generally try to remain in the background except at certain points of the day where some gentle guidance will give you the best images possible (e.g. during getting ready, portraits and family photos). I promise this is totally natural, non-traditional and fun - not awkward or cheesy! I use a long lens a lot, meaning I might be kind of far away sometimes - so you will have your own space to just be you!

This to me gives you the best of both worlds - I can guide you into the best light to help your best angle show during the 'portrait' parts of the day (only if you wish me to though, I am happy to do 100% pure documentary wedding photography if this is what you want), and I can capture genuine, honest emotion during the other parts of the day (ceremony, speeches, guest mingling etc).

I am also pretty detail oriented and love details such as flowers, rings, details, shoes and room decor - so I will make sure that I document this - meaning that you will have a nice mixture of details, portraits and natural moments for your wedding album. You put a huge amount of effort into your details so I try to make sure they are included in the images.

Note: sometimes the wedding day timeline doesn't allow me to capture room decor so if this is important to you then you need to take this into account when planning your wedding and to let your venue know that it needs to be ready by a certain time so I can photograph it; otherwise they sometimes leave it until the last minute and there is no time for me to photograph the finished product prior to the guests entering the room).

My editing style is dramatic, modern, moody and clean, with a subtle creative flair. However the editing just adds the final touches to the photographs - the magic for me happens when I take the actual image. A lot of the creative techniques that you will see in my images are not added in Photoshop but are truly authentic!

My aim is to edit images that will stand the test of time and won't look gimmicky in a few years time. I make sure that my edits are modern, timeless and subtle for this reason.

Can we meet up to talk about the wedding before we book you?

Absolutely! You need to make sure that you are booking someone whom you are comfortable with! We will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day so if our personalities don't mesh together well then I might not be a good fit as your wedding photographer. I am incredibly selective about the number of weddings that I take on per year because I like to give each wedding the time and care it deserves - and I cannot do this if I am taking on too many. Therefore if you don't think we are a good fit personally - this is okay! I will recommend other photographers for you to have a look at instead.

You are totally welcome to come and visit me in Leamington Spa, but as a lot of my clients live far away, I find the most efficient method of "meeting" is via Skype or FaceTime. This way we can "meet" multiple times if you want, without having to worry about travelling costs or travelling times. I am happy for you to call me even if you just want to have a chat about something random! I would love to hear about your wedding!

I am also able to assist with wedding planning help, due to the fact that I have been in the wedding industry since the age of 11 (I was a wedding harpist for many years) - 19 years in total! I also got married myself in 2012 so I know what planning a wedding is like, I understand the stress involved and I am here to help you out.

I don't like having my photo taken though. Can you help with this?

It's okay! This is totally normal! Even I don't like being in front of the camera! I have my ways of helping you to relax in front of the camera so that you are captured at your absolute best, and so that your personalities shine through. If you are feeling uncomfortable about having your photo taken, then having a pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot can be a really good way to get to know me, how I work, and to learn how to relax in front of the camera!

I don’t live in your area. Can we still meet up?

I always recommend Skyping, as I find it works so much better and you're able to get in touch as much as you like. However you are totally welcome to come and meet me in Leamington Spa!

How much do you charge?

For UK weddings (including Asian weddings), please head on over to the pricing page for this information.

For European weddings, please see this page.

For NZ weddings, please see this page.

For Australian weddings, please see this page.

For weddings in other international locations, please see this page.

Will you travel for weddings?

Absolutely, I travel a lot and I am available for weddings all over the UK. I am also available for international weddings. My simple pricing is fully travel inclusive so you don't need to worry about that!

Do you use an assistant?

For UK weddings I find having an assistant leads to much better images, as venues are often very dark and I like to use creative lighting techniques. Not many photographers use assistants anymore, but having an assistant to help me manage my gear and hold my (little, unobtrusive)  lights is extremely important for me to get images that are consistent with my style. The assistant will not take photographs, however, so if you want a second photographer, this will be additional to the assistant.

For international weddings, this will be assessed on a case by case basis. In New Zealand and Australia, the light is so bright that often an assistant is not necessary. I will bring an assistant with me if I deem it necessary in order to capture images consistent with my signature style.

Can we have a second photographer?

Absolutely. I talk about second photographers (and the costs involved) on the pricing page. I highly recommend having a second photographer because they are able to capture the images that I am not able to capture due to timeline/location constraints (e.g. the second photographer can cover groom preparations whilst I cover bridal preparations, they can take images from the back of the church/ceremony room whilst I am at the front, and they can be there to capture guest candid moments whilst I am doing portraits).

I am of course able to cover your wedding without a second photographer, but if you want both bride and groom preparations covered by me, then you will need to plan your timeline to allow for that (it is absolutely possible!). For example, you if the bride and groom are getting ready within walking distance (or a very short drive) of each other, then I can simply flit between the two.

When do you start your wedding coverage?

I start during bride/groom preparations, approximately two hours before the ceremony starting time, then this is ample time for me to get everything that I need. I like to start just as you are starting to get your hair/makeup done (during this time, when you are make-up free, I tend to photograph details). You can of course have me for longer - it is totally up to you and your individual needs. My UK day package includes coverage for 10 hours - but I am happy to stay longer at an additional rate (please see the pricing page). I am very flexible about this though - the most important thing for me is to get images that you will love, rather than watching the clock all day!

How long is a full day wedding?

On average a full wedding is around 8-10 hours. My UK day package means that you will get me for 10 hours. If you need less time than this, then please feel free to get in touch and I will put together something more personalised for you. You also have the option to add more hours of coverage.

Do you do formal family photographs?

I do if this is something that is important to you, but my approach is a lot more natural than traditional. Family formal photographs are a lot more traditional than my other work, but if they are important to you then we will of course do them. I find that most brides and grooms get bored after a wee while of doing family formal photographs (as do the guests), so I think it's best to limit these to 10 different groups maximum (not including bride and groom portraits and bridal party portraits), otherwise the time taken eats into time that you are likely to want to spend with your guests. If you do need more family formal groupings than this, then you need to allow more time for this.

I will send you a questionnaire prior to your wedding, which will ask you the details of the family formal photographs - and I am happy to give you guidance on how long to allow for them and how to structure your timeline in a way that you still get the images if they are important to you, but you still get to have time with your guests!

I will also need someone who knows a fair number of the guests (a member of the bridal party works well) to have a list and help me round guests up. They have a habit of disappearing so it's important to be organised during this part of the day, otherwise you will spend so much longer on these photos than you will want to - trust me!

For Asian weddings, I do a much larger number of group photos than 10 - as the timeline tend to allow for this, so the best thing to do is get in touch with me and I can design something totally bespoke for you.

Do you take traditional photographs?

My style is non-traditional - creative and documentary wedding photography. This is a much more modern approach than the 'traditional' wedding photographs that your parents would have had on their wedding day! If you want a handful of traditional images, then ask me on your wedding day and I will do these for you. I am never going to refuse to take an image if you really want it! 

If you want something consistent with what you see on my website, however, then you will not get many (if any) traditional photographs - I personally find them awkward and a bit cheesy! However there are many photographers available who still photograph in this style, so if this is what you really want, then I think a photographer that specialises in a traditional approach would be better suited to you.

How long should I schedule for photographs?

This really does vary depending on the wedding. It also depends on your needs. For UK weddings, I like to have an hour to get the bride and groom portraits, but I split these into different sessions so you can have maximum time with your guests. Generally I will do 30-40 minutes of bride and groom portraits after the ceremony, then another 10 minutes at sunset, and if you're keen, another 5-10 minutes after dark. This of course depends on the time of year - in the middle of summer we are not going to be able to do night portraits as we will have to wait until midnight. Furthermore, in winter, we don't really have light for long enough to break the photo sessions up, so it's better to do them in one go.

I can put something personalised together for you depending on how many bride and groom portraits you want.

In New Zealand and Australia, having bridal party photos is equally as important as bride and groom portraits so I recommend an hour to get these (exclusive of travel) if we are going to another location for them. It is also nice to pop out at golden hour (in the hour before sunset, when the light is lower in the sky and a lot more flattering) for a few sneaky bride and groom portraits, but you have to structure your timeline to allow for this as often speeches will be happening during this time.

For the ‘family formal’ group photographs, this depends on the amount of photographs that you want. My general rule of thumb is 3-4 minutes per photo as guests have a habit of disappearing. I try to make the process as efficient as possible though and to avoid this from happening!

If you wish to have a confetti shot, this will need to be set up as well, but should not take very long (5-10 minutes). For NZ weddings, confetti tends to happen spontaneously but in the UK those shots are normally set up.

How long will you stay at a wedding?

I will stay as long as you need me to. My basic UK wedding package contains 10 hours of coverage but I am available to photograph more hours at an additional cost (please see the pricing page for more information). I am pretty flexible about time as my primary focus is getting the shots that I need to get.

Can we provide you with a shot list?

I will request a ‘shot list’ for the family formal photographs, but other than that, I find working to a list creatively stifling. What I aim to do is capture the wedding, on the day, as it is. If I am constantly working to a list, I am thinking about the list and not truly being in the moment, which can result in me missing crucial moments and would result in photographs different to those displayed on my website.

I tend to know which images that I need to get in order to have a ‘complete album’ and which portion of the day in which to get them. Occasionally, things occur which are out of my control, so it would be really awful for me to promise a certain image and then not deliver it as a result of this.

If there is anything specific that you want on the wedding day itself, you can absolutely ask me on the wedding day and I can photograph it there and then. It’s the most efficient way to get me to do specific photographs that you definitely want. That way I can stay in the moment.

I found an image that I really like off Pinterest. Can we copy this?

I can understand that you might like a photo on Facebook or Pinterest and you might want to replicate it at your own wedding. We can draw inspiration from an image you may like, but ultimately, I want to create something unique, beautiful and meaningful to you, rather than copy other photographers.

Do you have backup photography gear in case something goes wrong?

Absolutely. I carry a full kit of professional photography gear, as well as backup equipment in the unlikely event of equipment failure. I have a lot of lenses - more than most people!

What happens if you die?

This is unlikely! I'm going to live forever (haha). However, in the unlikely event of my death (or serious illness), I am part of a community of wonderful photographers in the UK who would make sure a photographer with a similar level of experience and expertise would cover for me.

We only want a few casual photographs, and we only need you for a couple of hours, what can you offer?

If you only need coverage for a short amount of time, it is worth contacting me, as I might be able to arrange a special package tailored to suit your needs. I probably would not be able to only cover a couple of hours of photographic coverage on a Saturday during peak season, but if it is during the week or in off-season, I can arrange a bespoke package for you.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Absolutely!  I recommend a pre-wedding engagement session in order for the couple to learn how I work, and to get completely comfortable in front of the camera.

Editing and Delivery

Do you edit all of your images?

Yes, every image is individually colour corrected and hand edited to a high standard. I use a calibrated screen and the latest software in order to achieve this. Nothing is massed processed.

Certain images also get specially picked for even more special editing (generally my favourites!).

How much Photoshopping do you do?

I don’t do much Photoshopping, because I believe in setting up the photo correctly on the day, rather than trying to ‘rescue’ photographs in Photoshop later.

However, minor retouching and skin softening is done on the selection of the portraits (because my lenses are of such high quality so they literally show every pore).

I can also move small non-permanent blemishes (such as pimples and shaving cuts) - on request. I don’t remove any permanent blemishes (such as scars, moles and birthmarks), unless of course I am specifically asked to. I also don't tend to make people appear thinner or resemble something unlike their true selves.

Sometimes things get into images that are out of my control (such as exit signs) and I tend not to remove these as I like to keep the representation of the wedding as authentic as possible.

If any major photoshopping is required (for example, removing large items from photographs, removing tan lines and bruises), this can be done (at your request), but as this is very time consuming it may be at an additional charge.

Can you give me raw, unedited images?

Trust me, you don't want these! It is similar to asking for the negatives from a film photographer, or asking for the leftovers from the caterer. The RAW files are enormous (on average, 45MB per photo) and difficult to open without special software. The RAW files look significantly different to the final product, because they are unprocessed.

I present you with large, high resolution, highly quality, fully edited jpeg images that are ready to print and easy to view on your computer. This is standard for all serious professional photographers and is all you need in order to get wonderful prints and albums.

Can we keep the negatives?

The ‘negatives’ are basically the RAW files. See the question above this one for more information.

Can we get some of our images in both colour and black and white?

I will deliver all images in both colour and black and white so if you want a specific image in colour (or vice versa), you will have this. Because I use a lot of flash, my images tend to look good in colour. Sometimes when photographers only shoot using natural and available light, the light can have a strange colour cast (depending on the venue lighting). For this reason it's common for people to deliver either black and white or colour (black and white is more forgiving). I don't tend to use flash during the ceremony in churches as I am not allowed to, so the colours in those images will not be perfect, but I will still deliver them to you.

Do you offer wedding albums?

I offer high quality handmade albums, which are only available to full-time professional wedding photographers. They are beautiful, luxurious and hand-made. For more information, please see the albums page.

How many images are in your albums? Do we pick them?

Each album contains 50-75 images and you most definitely get to choose them. After you have chosen them, I put them into an album design that I then send for you to proof. Once you are happy with the design, it gets sent to be printed. I can choose the images too if this is what you desire. You are able to choose more images - this will just mean adding extra pages to the album!

Where should I get my photos printed?

I can organise printing on your behalf, however, if you would like to arrange this yourself, I can provide you with information on where to get the photos printed once you receive them. This will ensure that the prints will print with the correct colours.

The photographs you receive are processed using a computer that has been calibrated to an industry standard. However, the printing business must also have their printers properly calibrated, to ensure the images print properly, and this isn’t always the case.

When and how do we receive our images?

I am a full-time creative wedding photographer, therefore I try to offer reasonable delivery times. Eight weeks is the absolute maximum amount of time it will take to edit your wedding. All of the final images are loaded onto a personal, private gallery web page for you and your family to view and access, and digital copies of the images can be downloaded direct from the online gallery.

Wedding albums do take longer, because I design them myself (with your input) and then they physically have to be printed and put together. Because of the high degree of craftsmanship, this can be a relatively lengthy process, but it is so worth it in the end!

Approximately how many images do we receive?

This depends on many factors – for example: how long the wedding is, how many different things are going on and how many guests there are. I average a minimum of 500 images. Sometimes you end up with more if you have an extra-long or eventful wedding! For Asian weddings, the timeline is longer so I tend to deliver a minimum of 1000 images.

Can we have all of the outtakes from our wedding as well as the final, edited images?

I try to get every single photo that I take right in camera, so the number of outtakes I end up with are actually very minimal. The only images that I cull are photographs where the flash misfires, or photographs where people walk in front of the camera. Since there are actually very few outtakes, and I only remove the very severe ones, it doesn’t add anything at all to the final album to include these.

When I edit, I don’t target a certain level of images to include in my final album – I just cull the really unacceptable ones and include everything else. This is one of the reasons why my wedding albums can vary in number.

We want absolutely everything covered. Can we please have more images?

The average number of images I quote per wedding (500) is based on a full wedding, with me photographing the entire time. For Asian weddings this number is higher (1000), due to the wedding days being longer.

An album containing 500 images is huge, so you don’t need to worry about that.


Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. I have full insurance on all of my equipment, public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

What sort of photography gear do you use?

I use top of the range, modern, Nikon professional photography equipment. This is some of the best DSLR equipment on the market, resulting in the highest quality professional images. Nikon professional DSLR cameras also allow you to print the images at excessively large sizes.

Can you hold a date for me?

I am able to book the date for your wedding exclusively once the contract has been signed and the deposit paid. Due to the popularity of some dates, I unfortunately can’t hold a date without it being completely confirmed through the contract and deposit.

What are your views on the idea of an “unplugged wedding” (where family and friends don’t use their cameras for certain portions of the day, such as the ceremony)?

This is a totally brilliant idea. Guests mean well, they really do, but they sometimes stop me doing my job (which is to take the best photographs possible) if they are given free reign to take photographs during the ceremony. I have had guests stand in front of me (in the aisle of a church for example) during crucial moments such as the kiss. I have also had guests push me out of the way to try and get a photograph on a tablet in a dark venue (which will end up blurry in that situation anyway). Often it is completely unintentional; as guests are not photographers, they do not realise that they are blocking the photographer. If a guest does block me, you might end up with their image, but you will not get mine - and you are paying for my images.

The main reason why I think an unplugged ceremony is a good idea, is because people tend to pay more attention on what is happening in the moment (you getting married) when they are not fumbling with buttons on their phones, or holding giant tablets up into the air, or looking at their camera screens. Because of this extra layer of attention, I find they are able to connect more with what is unfolding in front of them, and as a result they express much more genuine emotion, which results in beautiful photographs. I end up with photographs of emotional expressions, rather than photographs of faces obscured by cameras and phones.

The difference in the photographs between having an unplugged ceremony and a ceremony where guests can take photographs is marked. Would you rather have powerful, beautiful images showing raw, genuine emotion, or images of disengaged people with their faces hidden in their phones? I highly recommend it.

Note: if you do decide to have an unplugged ceremony, you will need to make the registrar/priest/vicar/celebrant aware of this information. Otherwise some registrars can announce at the start of the ceremony that it's fine for guests to take photographs!

For the rest of the wedding day, I think guests can do what they like! It is important for them to have a good time! There is more than enough room during the reception for the guests to have their cameras out without it affecting my work – it’s really only the ceremony that can be heavily affected by guest cameras. A good compromise is to have an ‘unplugged ceremony,’ but let the guests use their cameras for the rest of the wedding. 

The guests will be able to access the images that I take during the ceremony through the gallery you will be sent, therefore they won't miss out on photographs.

Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you!

Can guests bring their own cameras?

See the answer to the question above, but ultimately, it is up to you. Guests with their cameras do indeed affect the photographs that I can take at certain points of the wedding day, but at the same time, it might be slightly draconian to ban guests from taking photographs completely. A good compromise is to have an unplugged ceremony, where the registrar/vicar/priest/celebrant gently asks the guests not to use their cameras during the ceremony. Generally people are understanding of this and they can make up for it later by taking lots of pictures at the reception.

When should we book you?

You should book as soon as you have decided that you want me as your photographer, especially if you are getting married in summer. I am unable to hold dates and once the date is gone, it's gone. I only shoot a set number of weddings per year so I can offer the highest levels of customer service, so my availability is limited.

How do we book you?

The first step would be to have a good look at my website and make sure that I am the photographer for you. Have a look at my portfolio, read my about me page, see a featured wedding, and read about my approach to photography. It might also be a good idea to check out my pricing page.

The next step would be to drop me a line to check my availability.

If I am available, you are welcome to come to Leamington Spa to meet me, or we can have a Skype conversation. You however do not have to do this. After this, I will send you a contract and an invoice. To secure your wedding date, you will need to sign the contract and pay a booking fee.

If you have any more questions, or if you just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me.